"It has given me so much energy and has definitely improved my metabolism! I have been using this product for only 6 months but I recently purchased 2 new bottles of the coconut matcha. I heard about this product while scrolling through Amazon and I love matcha so it was a must to try this out!"

- Carolina Ortega

"This product is the easiest way to get my morning going! I wake up looking forward to my favorite cup of coffee and even use it as a treat to end my night with my favorite desserts. I’ve been using this product for about 6 years- originally getting it for the ease during a summer camping trip. Ended up loving it so much it’s become a part of my morning routine."

- Riley Apodaca

"I’ve been using CAcafe and COcafe products for a year. I was so pleased with them, I bought certain flavors for my family members as gifts. Those family members told other family members and now they all want me to constantly ship them teas, coffes, and cocoas. COcafe/CAcafe are healthy, gluten & trans fat free . . . and most importantly...extremely DELICIOUS! I appreciate being able to have a sweet treat without it negatively effecting my health. So many different flavors, I can’t choose! But don’t just take my word for it, try one, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked just like me. Thankfully they are as affordable as they are delicious."- Judea Archie-Walker