Superheroes GO GREEN! The Powerful Combo of Coconut and Matcha

Coconut's powers are nearly unmatched in the superfood kingdom, offering healthy fats and essential nutrients that are clinically proven to improve health, beauty, and vitality.  Imagine the powers of coconut being augmented by an ancient traditional tea that is known to improve memory, torch fat, and cleanse the blood of toxins and free-radicals.  You'd be unstoppable, right?


Enter Matcha--a premium Japanese green tea whose unique preparation make it a powerhouse of benefits all its own.  Unlike regular green tea--which are dried tea leaves steeped in hot water to extract it's benefits--Matcha is the baby green tea leaf carefully ground into a fine powder so that the drinker is consuming the benefits of the whole leaf, not just the leaf's water. Rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants, Matcha has for centuries been the go-to drink to support memory, meditation, fat loss, metabolism increase, improved focus, and detox fasts.  With a natural, gentle caffeination that does not come with jitters or a crash, Matcha is a healthy alternative for tea-enthusiasts and coffee-lovers alike!


With NewNew Foods Coconut Matcha, we combine these powerhouse superfoods to deliver a rich, delicious product that carries detox qualities with natural nourishment, long-lasting energy with calm focus, and metabolism hikes with natural satiety and curbed appetite.  Coconut and Matcha are a terrific combination for health concerns like weight management, dry or dull hair and skin, lack of focus, high stress levels, low energy, irregular appetite, and unsettled digestion.  Matcha and Coconut support each other's benefits and insufficiencies, filling in the gaps where one's benefit ends and the other's begins.  Coconut nourishes, Matcha detoxifies.  Coconut sustains the energy that Matcha enhances.  Coconut delivers healthy fatty acids while Matcha works with the Coconut to burn the unhealthy fat.

Many NewNew Foods customers have reported health benefits like increased mental clarity, healthy skin, weight loss, and even memory enhancement after enjoying rich, delicious Coconut Matcha. Full-bodied, creamy, and satisfying, Coconut Matcha is not only a delicious way to start your day as a drink or smoothie bowl, it makes a perfect post-lunch beverage that will keep your mind, body, and spirits lifted throughout the day.

Health and clarity unite in NewNew Foods Coconut Matcha, bringing out your natural powers all day, every day.

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