Fresh and Ready to Eat!

Mom’s Kitchen products are made with only the freshest of ingredients, and to make sure that freshness reaches your home, we keep it in a tightly sealed package. But don’t be fooled by the plastic, once you cut the bag open, you’ll smell the aroma of the different natural ingredients we use to make Mom’s Kitchen dishes. Lightly drizzle oil into your pan, or put as much oil as you would like, and start mixing the food so that it warms up evenly. Within a few minutes, you have a ready-made authentic meal made from an exclusive recipe.

It's important to keep our products refrigerated, that way it stays fresh in our sealed packages. Since our products are USDA and FDA approved, we made sure that each ingredients in our recipes are all natural, and we don’t believe in adding chemicals or artificial flavors to make something taste better. Our dishes are just as delicious with only real and simple ingredients which were chosen not only because of their mouthwatering taste, but as well as their numerous health benefits. You can find ginger in both our Spicy Chicken and Kungpao Chicken, and not only is it a global favorite because of its taste and aroma, but it’s also a great boost to your immune system and heart health. The chili peppers we add depend on each dish, but this ingredient brings delicious flavors, especially in our Spicy Chicken. Our Kungpao Chicken has the peanuts and zucchini that just brings the whole meal together and gives the peanuts the perfect crunch. All of our fresh ingredients mixed in with our 100% white chicken breast, and you got yourself a ready-made meal, waiting for you to enjoy!

Although you can microwave our products in microwave-safe dishes and have it come out just as delicious as warming in a pan/skillet, our favorite way is to get our food ready is to smell the Mom’s Kitchen products as its heating up. All you need is a pan or skillet of your choice, a stove top, and some of your favorite cooking oil. The reason for warming up the food in a pan is because it keeps the original texture of the food. Microwaves get the job done as well, but with a pan, you can add some oil and anything else you would like such as other vegetables or even throw in some rice or noodles so it mixes in well with all of the flavor. Make sure you stick to low medium heat and keep stirring to promote even heating.

The best part of heating up Mom’s Kitchen products is that you don’t need any special pan, pot, or skillet to warm up our dishes. And here’s a fun fact: The first use of frying pans were used in ancient Mesopotamia and were also seen in Greece and Rome. After that, it started to spread all over the world and has been in our history for hundreds of years now! Whether they’re made from stainless steel, copper, nonstick, cast irons, or even ceramic, it’s completely up to you. Anything will work and since our products are cooked before being packaged, you decide how warm you want it to be! Our suggestion is to cook for around 5 minutes, but place it into the pan/pot/skillet after your oil is warmed up, that way the heat distributes evenly throughout the meal. Keep mixing and before you know it, you have a meal ready to eat and enjoy! Make sure to take pictures of your unique ways of using our products with us and share it with!