Welcome to NewNew Foods, Inc.

At NewNew Foods, we live by one core belief: our fans are the igniters of our passion and inspiration. That's why we want to produce the best foods and beverages series available, and why we will continue to do our very best in bringing deliciousness and healthiness to every one of our customers.

NewNew Foods was first established in California in 1999. As the company grew and more investors joined, now is renamed to NewNew Foods Inc. NewNew Foods has not only perfected the nation-shaking CAcafe Coconut Coffee & Coconut Tea series and the Cocafe Coconut Keto Coffee series, but we also used the delicious secret recipes of southern China's noble families to create the uniquely mouth-watering MOM'S Kitchen spicy chicken and spicy beef series, as well as the Szechuan Sauce series.

So far, NewNew Foods has four brands: Mom’s Kitchen, Szechuan Sauce, CAcafe, and Cocafe. Our series of products have been and are currently sold in Sam's Club, Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway, H-E-B, Sprouts, Amazon, and other supermarkets as well as food retailers.